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How our new advertising guidance will improve outcomes for prospective university students

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When students are choosing where to study, it is important that they are given all the information they need to make an informed choice based on the potential outcomes. Choosing what to study can be challenging. It is an investment …

How we are continuing to support students who are struggling at university

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Helping students be happy and healthy in their studies is crucial. That’s why, thanks to the creation of the first ever Student Support Champion, students will soon be able to benefit from more joined-up support from their universities Here’s everything …

How we’ve improved choices for young people when they leave school

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We’ve long known that a one-size-fits all approach to education doesn’t work. That’s why we don’t accept that there should be a simple quota-based approach to how many people go down certain routes – like going to university for example …

British Universities ranked as the best in the world in a range of subjects

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The UK is proud to have so many world-class universities that look outward and think beyond conventional boundaries. 57 of the world’s Premiers, Prime Ministers and Presidents were educated in British universities and, on average, our system has produced a …

Minimum eligibility requirements and student number controls – your university reform questions answered

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We want people to pursue the right path for them and receive a fair deal for their investment if they choose to go to university. Too often, students are taking on debt for courses that will not help them earn …