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Everything you need to know about Covid measures during exams this summer

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*This post was updated on Tuesday 17 May 2022. Students studying for their GCSEs, A levels and vocational qualifications will be preparing to sit their exams this summer. We know that there may be instances where students contract the virus …

Living with Covid: the end of routine testing in schools, colleges and childcare settings

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From 1 April, routine testing will no longer be expected in all education and children’s social care settings. This is part of the government’s plan to remove remaining restrictions on society while protecting the most vulnerable from COVID-19.

What the latest advice on testing and self-isolation means for education settings

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On Monday 21 February, the Prime Minister announced the removal of measures put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic as we learn to live with the virus. This includes changes for schools and colleges such as no longer recommending regular …

How we plan to improve school attendance following the COVID-19 pandemic

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Face-to-face education is important in helping pupils to fulfil their potential. During school time we believe pupils should be in class with their teachers and peers and enjoying all the benefits that brings. School attendance has obviously been affected by …

How we are providing more support for schools and students as plan B Covid measures come to an end

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Last week, the Prime Minister announced the end of plan B Covid measures. To support schools as the measures come to an end, we have announced new funding for schools to help ensure our schools remain safe. These measures – …

Why it’s important for eligible parents and families of primary age pupils to Get Boosted Now 

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Protecting face to face education and minimising disruption in schools due to COVID-19 and its variants is our number one priority. The single most effective measure we have to minimise the spread of the virus and therefore the disruption it …

Face masks in classrooms will no longer be required from 20 January and in communal areas from 27 January - what you need to know

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Earlier in January, we announced the temporary reintroduction of face coverings in schools and colleges to support the return of staff and pupils. We said this would only remain the case for the shortest period necessary while case rates had …