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How the National Tutoring Programme can help students

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Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruption in education and during the last nine months, teachers, staff, parents, and students have worked tirelessly to limit any lasting damage.

As part of the Government’s £1 billion Covid Catch Up Plan, we have introduced the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) to make sure pupils most affected by the outbreak can catch up.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

The newly launched National Tutoring Programme, is a landmark government funded, sector-led initiative designed to support schools and address the impact of Covid-19 on pupils’ progress and learning.

Who is this scheme for?

The National Tutoring Programme is designed to reach the most disadvantaged pupils in England. State-maintained primary and secondary schools in England will be able to access both the Tuition Partners and Academic Mentors and use them as best suits their needs.

Through the NTP, an estimated 15,000 tutors will be offering tuition to around 250,000 children, all of whom require extra support due to the Covid-19.

How does the National Tutoring Programme work?

The National Tutoring Programme consists of two pillars:

  • Tuition Partners: Schools will be able to access heavily subsidised tuition from an approved list of tuition partners. These organisations – which are all subject to quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards – will be given support and funding to reach as many disadvantaged pupils as possible.
  • Academic Mentors: Schools in the most disadvantaged areas will be supported to employ in-house academic mentors to provide intensive catch-up support to their pupils. Teach First will be supporting the recruitment, training and placement of the first cohort of academic mentors.

Guided by clear standards and criteria to support disadvantaged pupils, teachers and school leaders will decide which approach best suits their needs, which tuition partners to work with and which pupils will benefit the most from additional tuition. Teachers will be able to register eligible students onto the scheme, who will then be able to receive the academic support they need outside the classroom.

How is the Government supporting NTP?

The Government is protecting the education of pupils and ensuring schools receive the support they need during these difficult times. The Government is providing £350m to fund tutoring through the NTP to support young people hardest hit by the pandemic.

This is part of a £1 billion recovery package which will be shared across state primary and secondary schools over academic years 2020/21 and 2021/22. This is on top of the £14 billion three-tier funding settlement announced last year – recognising the additional work schools will need to do to help students catch-up.

Why is the National Tutoring Programme needed?

Evidence shows small group tuition is an extremely effective intervention in a student’s learning, with private tuition having the ability to boost progress by three to five months. However, research from the Sutton Trust shows that only 18% of pupils from the least affluent families have been able to access tuition, compared to 43% of pupils from the most affluent families.

We believe all students deserve to succeed, regardless of background, which is why we want to help bridge the attainment. This is why we are offering the vital extra tuition to those children most affected by school closures.

What is a Tuition Partner?

Tuition Partners are a range of national tuition providers, regional tuition providers, universities, charities and private providers, together providing comprehensive tutoring across England. The organisations approved to be part of the NTP’s Tuition Partners pillar have all passed rigorous safe-guarding and value-for-money standards.

How far does the National Tutoring Programme span?

Since 2 November, the National Tutoring Programme has been available nationwide. All state primary and secondary schools in England will be eligible to access tutoring through the NTP Tuition Partners.

Schools in the most disadvantaged areas will also be eligible to access the NTP Academic Mentors. This can be done through visiting the Teach First website where you can enquire whether you school is eligible to employ an Academic Mentor.

How long is the National Tutoring Programme in place for?

We have funding for this current academic year (2020/21) and next academic year (2021/22).

How can I get involved?

Schools can access subsidised tuition through NTP tuition partners through National Tutoring website portal.

For those interested in hosting Academic Mentors, you can register to access this through the Teach First website.





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